December 2000 Newsletter


December 2000 Newsletter
Adisa, Opal Palmer (Author); Saunders, Tanya R. (Author); Rodríguez Guglielmoni, Linda María (Author)
A message from Opal Palmer Adisa asking ACWWS members to assist in acquiring more members for the organization and to share resources that might continue to help ACWWS expand. There is also a MaComère update, a budget report from Tanya R. Saunders, and an account of the 7th International Caribbean Women Writers and Scholars Conference in Puerto Rico by Linda María Rodríguez Guglielmoni, where attendance was high, with 2,300 people.
The Association of Caribbean Women Writers and Scholars
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MaComère, Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, membership, Executive Boards, conferences, Caribbean, Central and South America, United States, Canada, Africa, Europe, Opal Palmer Adisa, Tanya R. Saunders, Linda María Rodríguez Guglielmoni, Barbara T. Christian, Carole Boyce-Davies, Cora Christian, Brenda F. Berrian, Ivette Romero-Caesar, Jacqueline Brice- Finch, Renée H. Shea, Jennifer L. Glasscock, Jeremy C. Johnson, Joan Frederick, Melissa Vanasek, Kathleen Balutansky, Merle Collins, Daryl Cumber Dance, Geta LeSeur, Antonia MacDonald-Smythe, Velma Pollard, Tanya R. Saunders, Elaine Savory, Helen Pyne Timothy, Myriam J. A. Chancy, Pamela Mordecai, Maureen Roberts, Ivette Romero-Caesar, Dawn Duke, Lizabeth Paravisini-Gebert, Denise Patmon, Astrid H. Roemer, Jan Shinebourne, Marie-Denise Shelton, Verene Shepherd, Makeda Silvera, Brenda Alejandro, Lydia Douglas, Mayra Santos Febres, Lydia Platón, Giannina Braschi, Dorothea Smartt, Mirna Rivera, Rita Ortiz Brunet, Rosario Perea de Ramos, Eulalia Bernard, Loida Figueroa Mercado, Aída Cartagena Portalatín, Lydia Cabrera, Isabel Ruiz Tardi
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