November 2001 Newsletter


November 2001 Newsletter
LeSeur-Brown, Geta (Editor); Gadsby, Meredith (Author); Adisa, Opal Palmer (Author); Brice-Finch, Jacqueline (Author); Saunders, Tanya R. (Author)
Messages from Meredith Gadsby and Opal Palmer Adisa, greeting members and introducing the new vice president of the association, Evelyn Hawthorne. An update and table of contents of the 2001 MaComère issue, treasurer’s report, and promotion of the 8th International Caribbean Women Writers and Scholars Conference organized by le GRELCA and le CELCA, two research centers from l’Université des Antilles et de la Guyane (UAG), in Martinique.
The Association of Caribbean Women Writers and Scholars
English, French
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MaComère, Martinique, French, Creole, conference, l’Université des Antilles et de la Guyane (UAG), Meredith Gadsby, Opal Palmer Adisa, Jacqueline Brice-Finch, Renée Shea, Helen Pyne-Timothy, Carole Boyce Davies, Meredith Gadsby, Maureen Roberts, Christian Wolff, Nalo Hopkinson, Mareline Phipps, Noreen Lois Duncan, Nydia Ecury, Marsha Leconte, Teonilda Madera, Angelita Reyes, Mireya Robles, Loreina Santos Silva, Hanétha Vété-Congolo, Linda Craig, Irline Francois, Ivelisse Santiago- Stommes, Suzette Spencer, Giselle Liza Anatol, Estrella Betances de Pujadas, Josefa Lago Graña, Mary Hanna, Alfred López, Teonilda Madera, Beverly Nieves, Ann Armstrong Scarboro, Michelle Brown, Jennifer L. Glasscock, Bolekaja Kamau, Bridget Kevane, Ingrid Reneau, Karen Monteleone, Shawna Moore Madlangbayan, Janet J. Hampton, Tanya R. Saunders, Maryvonne Charlery, Henétha Vete-Congolo, Roger Toumson, Lionel Davidas, Maryvonne Charlery, Vicki Silvera, Geta LeSeur Brown
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